75 grams – Little Cherry Collection


75 grams of Harvest Wool in 3 naturally dyed rich reds

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We have put together 3 naturally dyed colours of Harvest Wool – Little Cherry Collection – perfect for a small project or highlight colours in a sweater.

Each ball weighs 25 grams giving a total  75 grams of 8ply pure merino wool dyed from flowers and herbs.

  •  Madder – madder root
  •  Berry – madder and plum
  • Raspberry – madder and alkanet

10cm tension square on 4mm needles knits 23 stitches and 26 rows.

Timber and Twine’s Harvest range of Australian merino wool has beautiful subtle colours produced in India through the use of natural herb and vegetable dyes and age old techniques. Different combinations and concentrations of plant matter and mordants produce our colours. Slight variations in colour batches may occur.  Please remember natural products will have irregularities that gives it its unique beauty.

Please note, rich reds are the hardest colour to fix, some of our rich colours may have some colour residue which will wash out after the first two washes, it is advised to wash your finished garment before wearing .

CARE: gently hand wash in cool water with soft soap before wearing