Timber and Twine - traditional block printed scarf
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Block Printed Scarf


Traditionally Crafted Hand Block Printed 100% Cotton Natural Dyes

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Product Description

This cotton scarf is artwork.

Block printed from a hand carved wood block, using natural, local indigo, pomegranates and resists, this scarf was printed in Kutch, India by a family of artisans practicing  the same techniques for centuries. We were lucky enough to participate in workshops to understand the age old process. The hours of work involved in the spinning and weaving of the cotton, the carving of the wood blocks, the collecting and drying of the herbs, the soaking of the dye baths, the printing, drying, rinsing of the fabrics, resulting in a individual piece of cloth that will be treasured for years .

This piece is for those of you who really appreciate keeping ancient crafts alive.


Measures: 200cm long and 58cm wide