Boho Poncho – Marigold and Rose

Hand knitted Original from Home Grown, Hand Dyed, Hand Spun Mohair and Merino in Australia

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This Boho Poncho is a pretty special piece.

Knitted from natural fibres from our very own angora goat Victor, this homegrown mohair is hand spun with Australian merino and hand dyed naturally from marigolds out of the garden. Knitted together with my hand spun on chunky needles with Harvest Wool in  Daisy, Rose and Raspberry resulting in an open soft, rustic, gorgeous cozy texture, trimmed with a crochet edge and a few vintage buttons added in just the right colours.


Thank you for appreciating the rustic, natural hand made nature of this garment that gives it it’s unique beauty.

Sure to keep you warm and become a well loved poncho.



Size: Everyone

Measures: 75 cm square, 100 cm on the diagonal

Please note, an open loose knit with plenty of stretch.


Care: Please treat gently , hand wash in cold water and dry flat in the shade.