Hill Billy Sweater

Hand Knitted 100% merino

size:  SMALL



Our Hill Billy Sweater is a one of kind hand knitted sweater from 100% merino. It has been knitted entirely by hand here at home on the old dairy farm. It is our favourite thick chunky sweater inspired from an 1980’s Icelandic Lopi pattern. This sweater has been knitted with 2 strands of Harvest wool making it so thick and warm. The sensitive colour combination has been achieved from using natural dyes, pomegranate rind, madder and indigo. Each sweater has it’s own unique colour combination, no two sweaters will ever be the same. Sure to keep you warm and become a well loved sweater.

This sweater is sized SMALL, measurements as follows;

Length – back of neck to bottom: 60cm

Width – chest: 90cm

Sleeve – neck to cuff: 65cm / underarm to cuff: 40cm

Please treat gently, hand wash in luke warm water with a soft soap.