Silk Fabric Scarf


100% Pure Silk Block Printed with Natural Resists and Plant Dyes

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Luscious pure silk fabric block printed with natures colours.

An all time favourite, this piece of fabric is superb. 100% pure silk this fabric has been block printed by hand using the sameĀ traditional methods by the same family for over 300 years in the north west of India.

The block hasĀ been hand carved, the indigo leaves and madder roots are native plants to the area and have been used for their colour for centuries.

Sensitive use of natural colours and design on the most beautiful silk, this piece could be worn as a scarf, hung on the wall as art or created into clothing or homewares.

By purchasing this hand made piece you help to keep traditional crafts alive, thank you for appreciating the natural materials and process.

Measurements : 110cm square