Where are your products from?

We make all our timber pieces here at home on the old dairy farm from re-claimed and found timber. We also spin from, homegrown mohair, local wool and alpaca and salvage fabrics which are recreated into clothing or home wares.

Our Heirloom Quilts and naturally dyed Harvest Wool are sourced from two fair trade communities in India. We love to support traditional crafts helping to give artisans, especially women, some independence.

The Timber and Twine home made wardrobe. Who made these and how are they made?

Our home made wardrobe is all about using materials at hand that have been saved, rescued and recycled. All designed and hand made by me in my studio in Australia as the fabrics and inspiration dictate. Our homemade wardrobe is a collection of eclectic styles that are generally loose, comfy and easy to wear. They are for those who love and appreciate originality and rustic imperfections that give each garment its unique beauty.

How do I Care for My Garment?

Care Instructions

Please treat your hand made garment gently.

Please note that initially there may be some plant and colour residue form our naturally dyed wool.

Your first wash will probably leach some colour and plant residue, after the first one or two washes residue should have washed out.

If this bothers you please wash before wearing, or take care just to wear darker clothing underneath your handmade garment until it has been washed out.

Please gently hand wash in cool water with wool wash, after hand washing and rinsing you may spin your wooden garment in the machine on a GENTLE SPIN.

Dry inside out in the shade.

Thank you for treading lightly and supporting slow hand made, natural fashion.


Will My Wool Shrink or Fade?

No, if your wool is hand washed gently in cool water it will not shrink. Wool shrinks from heat, change in temperature and agitation. Treat gently and it will reward you for years.

Our natural dyes have been fixed to our wool using several methods, salt, vinegar, gallnut extract, alum, and others .

The sun, especially our Australian sun is a wonderful powerful force. It will fade all colours and weather all materials if left in its powerful light no matter what your product.

So please dry your special textiles in filtered light or shade to keep your colours bright.

What is The Residue Sometimes Found in Harvest Wool?

Our Harvest Wool is a natural and biodegradable product from cradle to grave.

We are adamant about NOT using synthetic dyes which pollute the worlds water ways. The fashion industry is one of the planet’s biggest polluters, using harsh chemicals and synthetic dyes that are detrimental to our precious oceans.

Our Harvest Wool and home grown hand spun yarn’s wonderful earthy colours are produced from soaking skeins of spun wool yarn in plant matter. Leaves, flowers, rinds, bark and roots, some crushed into a powder, are soaked with the wool for hours at a time, all work is done by hand in that slow hand made process. There will at times by some plant residue left in the wool yarn. It will wash out and we recommend you wash your garment gently when your knitting is completed and before wearing.

The flowers and fruits we use for dying have either  been used to celebrate at temples and festivals or are food scrapes, no waste what so ever, and finally after the dyeing process the dye bath is organic and is returned to the soil where it adds organic matter enriching the soil for food crops.


Do you wholesale?

Sorry, no, we don’t wholesale . Many of our pieces are one of a kind and take a long time to make, they are only  available through our online store.

Can I purchase your products elsewhere?

We occasionally have a stall at the local markets. Keep up to date on Facebook and Instagram to find out when and where we will be.

Can I place a custom order?

Sorry, currently we do not accept custom orders. Our pieces are one of a kind, or special orders from afar.


Deliveries within Australia are shipped with Australia Post. Most of our parcels are sent Parcel Post, there is an option for Express Post if desired.

We use our own packaging of 100% recycled paper padded bags, helping to reduce our plastic consumption.

A tracking number is attached to an email for you once your order is shipped and completed.


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship most pieces worldwide, we use Australia Post for international delivery.


When will my order arrive?

We work with Australia post and use Parcel Post Australia wide. As we are located in a regional area please allow 7 to 10 business days.

International orders will vary depending on your location please allow up to 3 weeks.


What is y0ur return policy?

It is important to us that all our customers are happy with their purchases and service.

Please consider your purchase, choose carefully as we do not exchange or return.

Please keep in mind that handmade products made from natural materials will have variations in shape, size, and colour that gives character to the handmade piece. Pieces created from reclaimed material can be aged and worn giving the piece warmth and patina.

If your product is faulty please contact us by email at hello@timberandtwine.co within 7 days of receiving your purchase.

We hope you enjoy our products for many years to come.