Alpaca Poncho

Hand Spun and hand knitted from 100% natural alpaca.




This poncho is handmade by us at Timber and Twine.

Made from 100% alpaca fibre it  has been hand spun straight from the fleece, plied, wound into skeins and washed, dried then rolled into balls.

The yarn was then hand knitted on timber needles. The pattern is basic and rustic resulting in an earthy piece. It has been knitted on large needles, so thick and chunky but at the same time open and soft.

The colour is the natural Fawn of the Alpaca. Alpaca fleece is silky, strong, warm and light.

This poncho can also be worn as a shawl, doubled, thrown over your shoulders and pinned.

Measurements:  Please note its open knit nature. All measurements don’t include fringe.

Neck opening:  60cm

Length:  Neck edge to centre bottom 50cm

Width:  Neck edge across shoulder to edge 42cm

When opened out : Total width from shoulder edge across neck opening to other shoulder edge 114cm , total length from  centre bottom tip up over shoulder to bottom again is 120cm.




Shipping Information

Shipping within Australia:$10 Spend $100 shipping is free Overseas: $25 flat rate