Hand Spun Mohair – 100 grams


Homegrown Rustic Luxury

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A ball of 100 grams of homegrown pure mohair hand spun. each ball weighs 100 grams with a length of 40- 50 metres . ( 3.5 oz 43-54 yards)

Tension: 10cm square on 6mm needles knits approx 11 stitches across and 11 rows.

This yarn is a our very own mohair fleece. Hand carded and spun into a slubby, rustic, textured yarn. The mohair is soft, silky and fluffy, it is a rustic yarn with wonderful lustre, along with just a few grass seeds. This mohair fleece belongs to our little angora goat Victor.

Ideal for weaving or knitting, crochet or embroidery.

Care : Hand wash in cool water and soft soap.