WildFlower and Moss Sweater – Lavender and Rose

Hand Knitted Original

100% Naturally Dyed Merino

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Our Wildflower and Moss Sweater is a one of a kind hand knitted sweater from 100% merino wool dyed from flowers and herbs. It has been knitted by hand here in northern NSW Australia.  It is our favourite, an extra thick chunky sweater designed by us. This sweater has been knitted with 2 strands of Harvest Wool making it so thick and warm. Ochre has been used as the main body colour, Lavender, Rose, Poppy and Sweet Potato as the feature colours. The sensitive colour combination has been achieved from using natural dyes, marigolds and pomegranate rind, madder and alkanet, a fair trade product dyed in India using traditional methods, supporting communities and their ancient crafts.

Thank you for appreciating the hand made nature of this garment that gives it it’s unique beauty.

Sure to keep you warm and become a well loved sweater.

This sweater is sized : MEDIUM



Please treat gently, hand wash in cool water with a soft soap.