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Woodlands Poncho Knitting Instructions

I’ve had so many requests about our Woodlands Poncho and Scarves  knitting patterns. Each garment is unique and I make the patterns up as I knit. I am definitely not a pattern writer but would like to share my method so you can all have a go at knitting your own poncho or scarf . The instructions are pretty free style and it’s best to just go with it!


500 grams of Harvest Wool in as many colours as you like, I suggest 4 or 5 different colours, 2 x strands used throughout.

200 grams for a scarf .

You may put together the colours your self or choose one of our Woodland Poncho packages.

1 x pair of 10mm knitting needles, a wool needle for stitching together and sewing in ends, a crochet hook for fringing.

Woodlands Poncho


10cm square  12 stitches x 14 rows

Two strands of Harvest Wool on 10mm needles

Skeins of wool should be rolled into balls preferably on a ball winder or around something solid so both ends of the ball can be used together.

Always a good idea to check tensions, I am a fairly loose knitter so, if you’re not maybe 11mm or 12mm needles could be used.

Tension check


The Shape

We are basically knitting a rectangle which is folded in half to make a square and when completed stitched 2/3 of the way together leaving enough room for your head. The finished Rectangle should measure approx 65cm x 130cm , when folded in half a 65 cm square.

Woodlands Poncho



These are free style instructions to get your creativity flowing and so we all have our own original poncho, it works like this…..

As a visual person, I like to see a diagram, so below you will see graphs, each square represents a stitch, and each diagram represents 12 stitches and 3 rows of knitting.

You may follow the diagrams in order, or you can mix them up.

Lets Get Started

With 2 strands of Harvest Wool and 10mm knitting needles cast on 60 stitches for the poncho ( 28 stitches for the scarf)

: with colour 1 – knit 3 rows in garter stitch

: with colour 2 –  and knit 6 x rows in moss stitch

: with colour 3 knit 2 rows of stocking stitch,  add spots in colour 1 and colour 4 – see fair isle chart

: with colour 4 and colour 1 work in stocking stitch and follow fair isle chart

: with colour 3 work 3 rows in stocking stitch

:  with colour 2 work in garter stitch for a few rows

: working in stocking stitch follow fair isle chart

: with colour 3 work in moss stitch for for 5 rows

: work 9 rows in garter stitch, 3 x with colour 4, 3 x with colour 1 and 3 with colour 2

: with colour one follow the fair isle chart for spots again  adding colour 4 and colour 2 as spots

: with colour 4 work 10 rows in moss stitch

: change to colour 3 and working in stocking stitch follow a fair isle chart for 10 rows

: work in garter stitch in colour 3 for 6 rows

: work 12 rows in stocking stitch in stripes, 1 x row in colour 1, 1 x row in colour 2, 1 x row in colour 3, 1 x row in colour 4…… repeat 3 times

: with colour 4 work in stocking stitch and follow fair isle chart for 8 rows

: work 3 x rows in moss stitch with colour 2 and 2 x rows with colour 3

: still with colour 3 work 2 rows in garter stitch and then 5 in moss stitch, 2 x rows in garter stitch and another 2 x rows in moss stitch

: in colour 4 follow another spot fair isle chart using colour 1 and colour 2 as spots

: when your work  nearly measures 130cm, finish off with a few rows of garter stitch in a combination of colours left over leaving enough for fringing.

: fold in half to make a square and stitch one side together 2/3 of the way leaving enough room to slip over your head.

: with remai wool ning cut into approx 30cm lengths, fold in half and fringe edges with a crochet hook.

Woodlands Poncho - Mocha



Moss stitch and stocking stitch

Spots Fair Isle Chart

Fair isle Chart

Fair Isle Chart Woodlands Poncho by Timber and twine

Woodlands Poncho - Mocha